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Mary Schermerhorn
Saenz Elementary
Counselor's corner
My name is Mary Schermerhorn. I am the counselor at Saenz Elementary. I’m very happy to be here and have enjoyed getting to know the staff and kids. I was very impressed with Saenz Elementary from the very beginning. The campus as a whole has been very warm and welcoming. I feel very blessed to know the staff at Saenz and to be privileged to work with such beautiful children. It’s impossible to have a bad day at Saenz when I go down the hall and look at the smiling faces of the children. Here’s a little about myself and my history as an educator in Texas schools. On a personal note, I have three children and ten grandchildren. I have three grandchildren in college, one in high school, three in middle school and three in elementary. My husband and I have been involved in education our entire marriage (55 years). After college I worked in Brackettville, Texas as a “remedial reading” teacher for three years. I have also been a K-12 grade counselor in Brackettville, Texas, 6-8 grade counselor in San Antonio,Texas, a K-12 Special Education ED counselor and VAC Coordinator in Lyle, Texas, and a 9-12 grade counselor in Uvalde,Texas. My husband has been a teacher, counselor, principal and Director of Special Programs. Our daughter is a counselor at King High School in Corpus Christi. We raised our children on a ranch outside of Brackettville, Texas. Along with ranching we owned a family business where we employed thirteen people in a national wholesale business. After retiring my husband and I started a vacation rental business in Utopia, Texas. Our vacation rental business started in 2010 and continues today. When my husband told me Alice ISD was looking for a counselor I thought it would be a great chance to work again with children. I have always enjoyed working with children. I would like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.

Thank You!
Mary Schermerhorn